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As some of you know, I have recently completed a body of songs that I very much want to record in total. They are extremely special to me and I truly believe in my soul they were divinely guided by a Force of peace.

The record I want to make will cost many thousands of dollars, as it calls for lots of special & expensive people and things & places. ~ So, YES, I am looking for financial support. But, I do believe that what I am asking for is a win-win-win situation. Currently, I am on the Artist Roster of a not for profit organization called the ‘The Field’.  The Field takes a small percentage of any of your contributions and puts them BACK into resources to support working artists. And, the good news for you is that your donation is completely TAX DEDUCTIBLE. So, I win, The Field wins, and ultimately you win!


I am asking that you consider helping me make this record by contributing to this project. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, your name will be in the credits. You will receive all the usual stuff ~ the record itself, admittance to shows for reduced, or no costs to you etc. etc. But most importantly, you will be deeply and energetically woven into something that I believe brings a Force of good into play, and perhaps ~ could even soften the edges of some of our saddest of days. ~ And if it’s not right for you to contribute at this time, just know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart anyway! I am so very grateful for your Love, support and time thus far. Everything from this point on is simply overflow…

Peace & Love,





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