autopsy video

Art Daily Magazine recently featured a VIDEO that we made last winter – almost by accident. . with my dear friend, Artist/Director David Doobinin. David was up in Woodstock for a day and we merely shot some moments to song. David put together this cut recently and quite unexpectedly surprised me with it. the video is for the song “Autopsy” which was written after my father’s death. My father’s illness was so painful, and once he died, the ensuing grief was simply too enormous and confusing to grasp. … i somehow felt spiritually Forced to examine my own pain. but truly, I now believe that was merely a coverup designed to Force me to understand His.

. So,.. as though performing an Autopsy { with song } ~ I discovered that my Father had no father to essentially show him so many important things { although he eventually found his way, ~ in his own way ~.. } This discovery BROKE MY HEART ~ and so I wanted to set him free ~ by letting him know that we all very, very much understood…

,.. we shot some scenes in a few random places where still I oddly feel a connection to my father.…yes, i am walking through the local pharmacy. ; )

i hope it moves you in some way.

and a very Special thank you to Art Daily for picking up the video.

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