🌲 Opening for {and playing with!} Two Dark Birds NYC 🌲

http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1562451  I LOVE THIS BAND. This music is so completely vulnerable and moving ~  I can barely get through a set without crying. The clarity that comes from writing music in the woods is something i truly resonate with ~ and this band takes you there whether you have access to the Pines or not. my band starts at 8:30 {sharp they say!}, and TDB immediately following. I hope to see all of my NYC babes at the show. you know who you are. Love, Sandy

a remarkable visit and a request for help.

photo by my beautiful friend ~ anne hall.

i have recently become a sponsored artist by a wonderful organization called the field. they are helping me fulfill a vision and an artistic responsibility.
A woman came to me and asked me to write her story. i obliged. her name is Olivia Lumen {more on her later}. she gave me an entire record of songs and i want {need} to record them in the most beautiful way possible. i am asking for financial support in order to do so. please consider contributing HERE.


i see it as a win win win. if you care to participate in this form of support, you will be included in her liner notes, and forever engraved in our hearts. in advance we thank you. LOVE, sandy & Olivia.…

autopsy video

Art Daily Magazine recently featured a VIDEO that we made last winter – almost by accident. . with my dear friend, Artist/Director David Doobinin. David was up in Woodstock for a day and we merely shot some moments to song. David put together this cut recently and quite unexpectedly surprised me with it. the video is for the song “Autopsy” which was written after my father’s death. My father’s illness was so painful, and once he died, the ensuing grief was simply too enormous and confusing to grasp. … i somehow felt spiritually Forced to examine my own pain. but truly, I now believe that was merely a coverup designed to Force me to understand His.

. So,.. as though performing an Autopsy { with song } ~ I discovered that my Father had no father to essentially show him so many important things { although he eventually found his way, ~ in his own way ~.. } This discovery BROKE MY HEART ~ and so I wanted to set him free ~ by letting him know that we all very, very much understood…

,.. we shot some scenes in a few random places where still I oddly feel a connection to my father.…yes, i am walking through the local pharmacy. ; )

i hope it moves you in some way.

and a very Special thank you to Art Daily for picking up the video.…

singing with bat for lashes

fortunate is not a word that adequately describes how i felt the day simone felice {natasha kahn’s – aka ‘bat for lashes’} producer called and asked me to sing a few notes on her record. more like a dream come true…. natasha is a remarkable artist and i had an absolute blast. i also got to sing alongside the genius of rachael yamagata.
‘the bride’ is released today. go here to get it and be prepared to be carried up and far, far away. she is so uniquely Neil-Krug-Bat-for-Lashes-The-Bride-2dreamy. …

beautiful review from stereo embers magazine

Written by: Alex Green

Sandy Bell’s When I Leave Ohio summons a haunting vision of Emily Dickinson behind the wheel of a dusty 1978 Maverick playing Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter and preparing to get the hell out of town.

Bell’s album is all about running away, but not because she’s being chased—she’s running away because the tedium of the quotidian world in which she lives is no way to live at all. And as we all know, tedium is a slow killer that takes years to blow your head off and Bell’s observations of daily life suggest she’s not up for it. She refuses to let herself get frozen in the kind of bleak Hopperian landscape where people zombie their way from gas stations to cafés to theaters never even looking at each other.

It’s hard to live somewhere when you don’t want to live there and it’s even harder to maintain an equipoise that’s not only manageable but also won’t drive you insane. Bell’s departure has less to do with any last chance power drive or rocketshipping dramatically down the freeway with the city burning behind her. It’s a quiet exodus that’s the equivalent of a small shrug, a changing of the mind, a boat slipping away down the river from one darkness into another.

And that darkness is the thing that Bell is reckoning with on When I Leave Ohio. Anyone can leave—that’s the easy part—but if you think of Benjamin and Elaine sitting in the back of the bus soaked in sweat and triumph, you’re forgetting the way that very same sweat and triumph did a pre-credit dissolve and turned into something resembling terror. Bell chases that terror and it chases her right back and the result is one of the darkest, most moving song cycles this critic has heard since Patty Griffin’s Living With Ghosts or Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.…

march doesn’t hurt like it used to

IMG_2546IMG_2631I used to despise the month of march. i always felt so trapped. So in-between the innocence of the first snowfall, and typically speaking, too many dank days away from a true warming sun. also, Someone I love very much, died in march.
last year I purposely set out on a quest in an attempt to transform my painful association with this month into something else. I knew the memories could never be totally eradicated, but I thought maybe they could change color or become softer or further away or something. So, I decided on a solo trip to Iceland. We were living in Brooklyn at the time and I was sad, stressed out and had many questions about lots of things. I knew that I desperately needed wide, clean, infinite breathing space. And I needed alarming quiet in order to think ~ to rest. I knew that in spite of my willfulness to hang on and not change, my own personal landscape was evolving, and however unclear and uncertain I still was about specifics, it was important to me that i remain open and move forward with a confident { Latin ‘con fides’ ~ ‘with faith’ } heart and a clear mind. While in iceland, I chose to stay far away from the city and just let the sky and instinct gently propel me from place to place. each day I would set out to explore with my standard provisions: my phone { for security but no service }, a paper map, a pen, cashews and water. I just walked and walked. And while I wouldn’t see people for hours at a time, I found great company and ‘conversation’ with a herd of Icelandic Horses*. I talked to myself, sang, cried, and felt insanely awake. One night around midnight I trekked out in hopes of a glimpse of the Northern Lights.…