1. Diane Varsek

    Loved ready this, Sandy. My husband and I have raised our five children in this house that we built 50 years ago. It has other homes around it but we were blessed to have built it next to a beautiful lake. Our five chidren loved this law, ice skating during the winters and swimming/boating/skiing/fishing during the other seasons of the year. With many tall and very old oak trees in our yard and all around us at the lake, we do kind of have our own woods wth plenty of wildlife. Raised many an orphaned raccoon over the years. So, I too feel like this home is our “nest”
    Our five are all raised now, flew out of this nest and started their own. This now has given my husband and I the time to enjoy going places or to special events, such as traveling to Israel that we love to do and to special concerts. In being able to do this now in life, we are enjoying and seeing several special musicial events. We really love David Garrett’s concerts, trying to attend whenever we can. By doing that, we have come to love a special drummer, guess who❤️ And the other guys too, but Jeff is sooo cool, even to this 72 year old, to watch!!

    So, Sandy, bloom right where God has planted you, always will be your special nest, just as our nest is still special to us. BTW, our nest has constant visiting from those that have left this nest, bringing with them the next generation. Four of our five live very near us, two of them just on the other side of our lake!! So, we are blessed with seeing eleven of our thirteen grandchildren often.

    God bless you and keep you safe always, protecting your nest.,


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