Art Daily Magazine recently featured a “video” that we made last winter – almost by accident. . with my dear friend, Artist/Director David Doobinin. David was up in Woodstock for a day and we merely shot some moments to song. David put together this cut recently and quite unexpectedly surprised me with it. the video … [Read more…]

singing with bat for lashes

fortunate is not a word that adequately describes how i felt the day simone felice {natasha kahn’s – aka ‘bat for lashes’} producer called and asked me to sing a few notes on her record. more like a dream come true…. natasha is a remarkable artist and i had an absolute blast. i also got … [Read more…]

beautiful review from stereo embers magazine

Written by: Alex Green Sandy Bell’s When I Leave Ohio summons a haunting vision of Emily Dickinson behind the wheel of a dusty 1978 Maverick playing Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter and preparing to get the hell out of town. Bell’s album is all about running away, but not because she’s being chased—she’s running away because … [Read more…]

lynn’s prelude

this was a piece arranged by jeff lipstein titled ‘lynn’s prelude’. it proceeds a song on our record, ‘when i leave ohio’ called ‘clothesline’ ~ a song written for my father. his name was lynn and he died in 1998. i am wearing his coat today. i also wore it on the day i filmed … [Read more…]

march doesn’t hurt like it used to

I used to despise the month of march. i always felt so trapped. So in-between the innocence of the first snowfall, and typically speaking, too many dank days away from a true warming sun. also, Someone I love very much, died in march. last year I purposely set out on a quest in an attempt … [Read more…]